A migration from earlier versions of FileMaker Pro can render some unexpected behavior. We have migrated 100’s of files over many years and have created a proven step by step process to review and resolve common issues involved in the upgrade from as early as FileMaker Pro 4.

We offer an accurate estimate on this process.

Why Migrate?

• New version infrastructure for better performance and current OS compatibility

• FileMaker GO compatibility for iOS devices

• New container control for storing images and files

• New functions allow reduction of code performing the same tasks

• New features allowing modern user experience previously unseen with FileMaker
• Modern features saving you time and money!!

Consolidation is the process of taking advantage of the post .fp6 multi-table framework and involves merging some or all of the single table files into one or more files.

Why consolidate?

• More efficient administrative control

• Logistical backup strategies

• Infinitely smoother user experience

DataMate Solutions LLC has extensive experience in successfully consolidating very large and complex FileMaker Pro solutions with more than 100 files and from as early as FileMaker v3.

A simple separation model would result in two files:

One interface file (contains all the user interaction objects like layouts, buttons, scripts etc)

The second file contains the inputted information that is referenced by the interface file. 

Why Separate?

• Simple updates by email especially for vertically marketed solutions
• Logistical Management of files
• Local interface with remote data for faster refresh rates

DataMate Solutions LLC prides itself in being market leaders in logistical separation of interface files into remote and local variations, and data into logical groupings for integrity and security.


It’s Simple. Work Smarter.

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