Data (noun) facts and statistics collected together for reference

Mate (noun) an assistant to a skilled worker

Solution (noun) a means of

solving a problem or difficult situation

Create - Design, Develop, Deploy
Customize - Make it your own
Convert - Migration, Consolidation, SeparationTiki_Tour.html
Rescue - Acquisition and debugging
• FileMaker Pro and FileMaker GO Development
• Desktop, iOS Application Engineers
• FileMaker Pro Conversion Gurus!

We adopt legacy solutions and If you have that bug that just won’t go away, let us take a look!

More technology with each release, better tools for faster development and more fluid user experience

Modify or redesign to stay in alignment with your business as it grows and changes throughout it’s life cycle

The results you require at completion dictate how you start. You are the creator, we are your tool kit.

It’s Simple. Work Smarter.

Ross Mackintosh O.A.E.D.


Boise, Idaho 83709